Does A Fan amount to tesla edition? Ma Sike says the user can upload disposition the robot to go up

Ma Sike thinks, one day people uploads person entity robot to go up likely, and it is OK to no matter be disposition,still be remembered. Ma Sike still spoke of the double sufficient design of the robot. He claims, the mankind made this world, so, if you want to let a robot suits and can do the business that the mankind can do, it must have the design of human likeness.

Person entity robot

The person entity robot that spoke of tesla be being made in the Masike in the talk -- Optimus, and the potential use that it did not come to. Ma Sike expresses: "Optimus is a kind of general robot, be similar to industrial robot, its first job will be to repeat, dull or critical work, it is the work that those people do not miss to do normally. In addition, it still will appear in the daily life of people. It still will appear in the daily life of people..

On the activity of company in-house artificial intelligence in August 2021, his rollout " tesla robot " . This year in January, ma Sike expresses, optimus will be the product with the mainest this year tesla, and the likelihood realizes modest amount to produce in the left and right sides end 2023.