Be call-overed " did not exit Russia market " grand Chang : Scrupulously abide by international trade code

The Yale points out, since Russia inbreak Wukelan up to now, already many 450 enterprise announces from Russia evacuate, but a few companies still continue to develop business in Russia, did not exit the market accordingly, include grand Chang , Hua Shuo, small star.

Grand Chang expresses, the company is current and first the key is to take care of those who suffer an effect grand Chang employee and family member safety and find a place for, already black of 5 grand Chang overcomes orchid membership staff and its family member to already arrived at and other places of polish, Germany now, local branch is doing his best the job that arranges employee to be in place and life, in the meantime, daily also with still maintain close tie in the grand Chang employee of Wu Kelan churchyard.

Grand Chang expresses, scrupulously abide by the commerce between international relevant law provision, take humane consideration seriously; Grand Chang is synchronous also expression, the freightage difficult position that at present conflict creates, in still also lasting.

At present as to small bit of short duration does not have a response. Previous small bit ever said to point out in the meeting in the law, can cooperate regulations of each country law closely, adjust shipment at any time, expect Russian black incident rings down the curtain as soon as possible.