Price of dynamical cell raw material is mad go up drive collective of car look forward to to rise in price industry letter ministry phonates check spec

On March 26, according to the report, xin Guobin of undersecretary of industry letter ministry is in China 100 people of electric car can show on forum, raw material of cell of current motive force rises in price considerably the problem needs to pay close attention to highly, serious thrash out.

Xin Guobin is mentioned, Will accelerate domestic natural resources to develop plan moderately, determined blow corner ranks the unfair competition conduct such as strange, congenial hype, Guide industrial catenary to swim up and down enterprise aggrandizement cooperation, win-win develops, drive price of crucial raw material to return to reason.

In addition, be worth what carry is, be aimed at the phenomenon that violent wind of price of lithium of dynamical cell carbonic acid goes up, colourful comes president Li Bin ever also expressed on money newspaper conference:

"We to upper reaches each link did thorough research, The speculation element that thinks lithium of current carbonic acid rises in price is more, supply and is so big difference between demand, We also see the near future the director branch such as industry letter ministry is in harmonious price mechanism. We appeal the manufacturer such as salt of upriver lithium mine, lithium sets out from long-term interest, do not make artificially rise in price, this is not a favour to the industry. This is not a favour to the industry..