Brush shake correct pose of sound? True just enough uses shake phonic computer edition to try play

Shake end of client of government of phonic computer edition

We look first tremble sound is new this year released computer edition client is carried how. Tremble sound go up in Microsoft shop wore this client to carry a product, direct search is installed in the shop that Windows 10 and Windows 11 user can take oneself in the system.

Can see, the bulk that shakes end of client of government of phonic computer edition is 100 much M about, click after going in, function and webpage edition are roughly identical, support brush video and entry Zhang date.

Nevertheless, if want to use other function, release video to wait a moment for example, shake phonic computer edition to still be met additional open a webpage, the operation needs to be finished on the webpage.

Simple for, the function that shakes phonic computer edition and webpage edition do not have a difference almost, the interface also is done not have too big different. A such client is carried, need takes up computer is additional the space of 100 much M, although do not calculate big, but don't also have it seems that too big necessary?

Is this ability best use shake phonic computer edition?

Since shake phonic computer edition and webpage edition difference not quite, so why to use webpage edition directly? The reason may have the following these.

·Webpage edition needs open browser to open a page again, nod icon to want a trouble directly than computer edition a few;

·Webpage edition acquiesce does not have independent window, need pulls label drag ability to show with independent window tremble sound, a few more troublesome;

·Webpage edition became much the accessory such as the address column of the browser and tool column, look at a trouble a few.

The in short is a few more troublesome. So have what idea, do these troubles that invite webpage edition disappear disappear? The answer is PWA.

PWA (Progressive Web App) it is a kind of new-style Web technology and agreement, if browser and webpage support PWA, can be corresponding webpage so on computer installation applies for a PWA, and held bulk is very small, it is to use KB to come normally calculative.

And apropos, shake phonic webpage edition to support PWA, and browser of current main trend for example Chrome and Edge, also support PWA. The Edge that takes oneself with Windows 11 below is exemple, look how to be installed shake phonic PWA edition.

Above all, our open shakes phonic homepage.

Then, the dot opens the bill of fare of Edge, find " application " , choice " install this site as application " .

Later, shook phonic PWA edition to be finished! At that time the desktop can generate to shake phonic icon, you are completely OK also will shake phonic icon to be placed begin bill of fare or on task column, and shaking phonic computer edition is exactly like.

Open will look, interface and shake phonic computer edition to also be not had almost 2 send, the function also does not have too big difference.

Will examine applied information, can see the bulk that shakes phonic PWA edition has 100K to come forward only, this can save a space than shaking phonic computer edition much!


To supporting the webpage of PWA, its installation is PWA application to be able to be obtained really carry similar experience with the client. The hope has more webpage to support this function, giant and the client end with similar function is not requisite!