Biyadi bit is the strongest adversary: Peaceful heart times is rolled out " kylin " industry of batteries energy level is highest

A few days ago, wu Kai of chief scientist of peaceful heart times, in Chinese electric car 100 people are met express on forum, CATL passes ceaseless technology iteration, rolled out technology of the 3rd acting CTP, interior call his " kylin batteries " , density of its system weight, energy and bulk energy density continue to lead an industry top level.

In same chemical system, coequal batteries bag dimension falls, the n appearance that kylin batteries includes can promote than 4680 systems 13% .

Additional, last week, industry letter ministry was released the car standardized working point 2022, put forward clearly to want to start standard of dynamical cell safety to edit, early-warning of promotion hot out of control and safety defend level.

Peaceful heart times devotes oneself to to be compared high all the time can systematic safety design, 2020 8 departments product is measured without thermal diffusion technology postpartum, business of car look forward to, battery rolled out the part not to have thermal diffusion technology severally, And 1000km of peaceful heart times is compared higher can also will realize a quantity to produce 2023 without thermal diffusion technology.

In addition, of distribution of peaceful heart age still have " sodium is ionic " cell line, last year October, peaceful heart times releases sodium ion batteries formally, its have high energy density, tall fold to charge, the advantage such as excellent thermal stability, good microtherm performance and rate of high volume effect.

Charge 15 minutes below normal temperature, n can amount to 80% above; Be in - in environment of low temperature of 20 ° C, the discharge that also has 90% above maintains rate; Systematic collect can amount to 80% above into efficiency;

Compare with the lithium battery photograph of current now main trend, the arrival of sodium ion batteries, can saying to the influence of batteries industry is revolutionary, cast off the batteries industry dependence to lithium metal.