Firefox will be offerred with Snap format only in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Review, in the 21.1 version that release in Ubuntu autumn, the form that Firefox browser has acquiesced to be wrapped with Snap is supplied, but the ability that installs Deb bag still continues continue to use. Since 2019, chromium browser also is supplied with Snap form only.

Popularize the reason of Snap format as the browser, basically come from a desire, the development that simplifies to support and unite Ubuntu different version namely - because Deb wraps need to accompany the Ubuntu branch of all support,this is, accordingly, development and test job must consider the different version of systematic component, and Snap bag can apply at all Ubuntu branch instantly. Be in issueing one of significant demands that the browser provides in edition is to need seasonable consign to update, so that seasonable block breaks the happening of flaw. Supply the browser that will quicken a new version to bring Ubuntu the user with Snap format. In addition, the additional insulation that the consign of SNAP browser allows developer to use AppARMOR mechanism to found in runs Firefox in the environment, this will increase the protection of other to the system part, make its do not suffer the effect of the flaw in the browser.

The insufficient place of Snap application is hard the development that monitoring community includes to software and to additional tool and tripartite infrastructure bind calm. Snapd process has below Root attributive, the meeting below the circumstance that be destroyed in infrastructure or discovers flaw produces extra menace. Its defect is to need to solve the format problem with specific Snap.