Interface of M.2 of the generation below the carbon fin that PCIe 5.0 standard provides support fan also is in brew in

And as PCIe 5.0, 4 passageways (X4) advocate board bandwidth hopeful achieves 16GB/s, this means hard disk of high grade NVMe solid state to may be achieved approach these rate, enormous rate brought tremendous quantity of heat, and NAND shines putting is well-known ground very sensitive to quantity of heat.

To keep cooling, the Sebastien Jean of chief technology officer of Phison company thinks, the characteristic of hard disk of next solid state of generation PCIe 5.0 is the active refrigeration that there is fan by carbon fin, this likelihood and on plan institute is shown similar.

Phison is doing a lot of things to maintain the power of SSD to be inside a reasonable range, but OK and affirmative is, SSD will be hotter, become hotter like 90 time CPU and GPU same. As the Five Dynasties and the arrival with the 6th normative generation, we may need to consider to cool actively.

As above, quantity of heat is adverse to NAND. In fact, it is hot not just, cold also may be bad, because it may bring about tremendous temperature wave motion, make NAND chip appears easily more mistakes are amended. The good job temperature of solid state hard disk is 25-50 ° C or 77-122F.

Controller and all and other part. . . . . . In 125 Celsius (257 degree Fahrenheit) can accept below, but NAND is not done completely, if SSD detects,the temperature of NAND exceeds 80 Celsius (176 degree Fahrenheit) the left and right sides, can enter a key to close position.

If your voluminous data is,be written below very hot circumstance and read below very cold circumstance take, can appear a tremendous difference in temperature is fluctuant. The design of solid state hard disk is to handle this issue, but it can shift operation capacity more mistakes to correct an operation, accordingly, the largest handling capacity can be reduced, the working sweetness of solid state hard disk is nodded is to be in 25 to 50 Celsius (77 to 122 degree Fahrenheit) between.

As to the future in respect of hard disk of cooling solid state, the rich guest article of Phison is mentioned briefly still, the follow-up product of M.2 connector is in development, because be carried out at present,can begin occurrence bottleneck very quickly. Accordingly, it is better to predict conduct heat solution also will subsequently and come.