Li Xiang: Ideal AEB develops a group ten people proposal is all match function of urgent apply the brake by the mark that use a car

A few days ago, 100 people meet Chinese electric car in high-level forum, li Xiang of good car CEO expresses, The proposal is multiplied answer with the car mark matchs AEB (urgent apply the brake) function. In the meantime, have gain advocate divulge, good car will open a source their AEB is algorithmic, will promote the security of drive a vehicle of whole industry.

Do not cross algorithmic to good car AEB level, some netizens raised question, the AEB development group of good car is only several people, the algorithmic level of AEB, how can exceed rich world experience of more than 20 years accumulates such manufacturers.

To this, li Xiang sends response personally, The AEB of good car develops a group to have ten people, everyday the course of development of research and development and test and verify exceeds 10 million kilometer.

To the view of ten people, good employee expresses, every ideal user is AEB making contribution to iteration, ten people do not have illness; Ideal never has an AEB software that checks without passing to push give an user, iteration of AEB of shadow mode drive does not affect any car functions close compasses and use.

The essence that the data of urgent apply the brake of huge mankind driver will come help a system optimize automatic and urgent apply the brake continuously allows to spend, this thing, rich world still does not work certainly.

Nevertheless, to the response of good side, still have many netizen not buy it, if car advocate if be development group, the development staff estimation of that rich world on 100 million on ten million. To this, how do you look?