Camaliot application: With the satellite Android mobile phone connection rises in order to improve weather forecast quality

Camaliot application is running Android 7.0 or taller version, support moves on the equipment of satellitic navigation. The working way of satellitic navigation is, mobile phone or other receiver are searched come from the signal that maintains network of fixed orbital satellite. The satellite sends the message that contains time and position, once receive information mobile phone to be able to notice every information spent how long to arrive, use these data to calculate next give them to be in tellurian position.

Researcher thinks, they can use satellitic signal to obtain more the information about aerosphere. How to if the amount of the vapor in aerosphere can affect satellitic signal,pass air to travel to resemble a mobile telephone such thing.

According to the common problem of Camaliot, this application can gather information in order to dog the carrier wave of the distance between signal intensity, satellite and the mobile phone that using and satellite is phasic. Had the enough data that collects from world each district, researcher is theoretic can follow its existing weather reading union to rise to measure long-term vapor trend thereby. The weather forecast model that they hope to use these data to be machine study provides information. Additional, they still can dog the change of earthly ionosphere- - the part that aerospace approachs in aerosphere. The ionosphere with be founded better forecasts a likelihood to follow dog to dimensional weather is concerned and make through considering the event such as magnetic storm global navigation defends galaxy interconnected system finally (GNSS) is more accurate.

Camaliot can expand finally include more attempts and use " content couplet net " the sensor that exists in connective family equipment collects data large-scaly. "We got inspiration from inside famous SETI@Home plan, over, computer of family expenses notebook helps the sign of the life outside seeking the ground, " Vicente Navarro of engineer of navigation of Europe empty bureau is in a press release say.

This project aims to gather the information that comes from world each district- - and the information that comes from constellation of a few different satellites. The system of global navigation satellite that a few differ (GNSS) constellation, the global location system that is like the United States (the north of the GLONASS of GPS) , Russia, China is fought or the Galileo of the European Union. Japan and India also are in the area constellation with lesser operation. The order of commission of a confederative communication 2018 allows more equipment to use summary signal of benefit of GPS He Ga to locate in order to rise together precision.

Although older Android mobile phone can participate in this project, but Camaliot project listed the 50 many newer model that contain Shuang Pin receiver, they can help the GNSS signal that uses frequency of two different satellites at the same time. Already affirmed the mobile phone that contains double frequency receiver includes Galaxy S21 of GooglePixel 4a, SamSung, Galaxy S21 Ultra- - advocate the mobile phone that if those use high end,tells group of chip of brave dragon 5G high.

Navarro points out, the support of receiver of machine of hotshot of Galilean Shuang Pinzhi and Android to primitive GNSS data logging was united in wedlock to increase to use a smartphone to collect the possibility of how many data from people only jointly.

Include more processing as daily equipment ability and better convey feeling ability, the family expenses technology that comes from exterior participator continues to grow in the use in scientific exploration. Besides notable SETI project and similar attempt, if the other method such as Folding@Home enclothed NASA,requirement public use mobile phone films the photograph of the cloud or tree and the animal behavior during like INaturalist such science application records solar eclipse or dog different animal species.

How to use Camaliot:

Choice " begin a record " the place that puts the mobile phone in to have clear sky view records data with beginning;

Choose when undertaking metrical according to oneself be fond of " stop a record " ;

Next, upload his conversation the server and repeat this one process as the elapse of time in order to collect more data. The user also can delete the log file that stores in this locality in this one pace.

Besides the measurement that can examine his the result follows what time accumulates to measure an outcome with someone else, the record that the user still can see a pop chart is finished with showing other participator is conversational. Final, the information that gathers for this research will be on an alone portal website offer.

To registering an user, address of name of their password, user, email and measure a frequency to will be stored to be in the database of Camaliot, but the privacy policy according to Camaliot, they won't be used at the publication after research and product. Specific for, camaliot expresses, needing much individual data is for science purpose and environment are monitored, the need that its process data is to carry out a job that has for public interest.

Additional, registered participator still will enter a pond, they obtain organic meeting mobile phone of Shuang Pin Android and Yamaxun the award such as acting gold certificate. This activity will last to June 30.