World head rich Ma Sike: I am the biggest fear and the biggest desire Elon Musk -

Ma Sike is accepted interview

SpaceX does not depend on Russia engine

Regard pair of United States as the response of punish, russia already decided to stop to offer engine to the United States. Does aerospace of the United States below this pair of Ma Sike banners explore technical company (is SpaceX) a menace or good luck?

Ma Sike expresses to this, spaceX is designed independently and make rocket engine, did not use any Russia component actually so.

But, of Russia break affect for may arising to Boeing and Losk Heed Martin. Ma Sike expresses, boeing and Losk Heed special all the time the RD-180 engine that depends on Russia. RD-180 is a very great engine really. Future of hope of these two companies can the engine of origin of blue of have the aid of casts off this one predicament. Ma Sike still points out, the Antares rocket of spaceflight company Orbital ATK also uses RD-180. Of Russia break for will bringing about them cannot rocket.

Optimus of person entity robot or next year quantity are produced

When speaking of the problem that global birthrate glides, ma Sike mentioned the Optimus of person entity robot of tesla. He once expressed, people is not willing to give birth to the child to be able to bring about civilization to break down.

He expresses, some day people downloads his brain function Optimus to go up likely. "We can download those things that we think to be able to let our extraordinary. Now, of course, if you are no longer in that body (note: The likelihood alludes death) , that affirmation can have different, but the memory that saves us, our disposition, I think we can be done so. " Masike says.

Ma Sike discloses, tesla this year " the function that will realize special club on the archetypal level of Optimus " , come true possibly in the left and right sides end 2023 " measure moderately at least produce " .


Now, the life of people has been lengthened significantly, but Masike appears to long life disinclination.

Ma Sike expresses, the mankind should not try to let his live for a long time, this meeting brings about a society to choke, because the fact is, most person won't change their think of a way. They are met only gone. Accordingly, if they are done not have dead, the mankind can be stranded by old idea place, the society won't progress.

He thinks, the world has been put in a very serious gerontocracy problem now, the leader of a lot of countries is very old. Be in the United States, the age that leads a layer already very big. "If you are a lot of older than them acting, maintain connection impossibly with them. Democratic country wants to run normally, leader must be contacted with most people reasonably. If too young or you are too old, you cannot say you and people are joined cheek by jowl. " Masike says.

General Beijing is richer than me

Ma Sike thinks Beijing of Russia president general may compare him richer

Although Masike is world head at present rich, but he thinks Beijing of Russia president general may be richer than him.

"Sit have only capital fund of about 260 billion dollar, be regarded as world head rich, do you feel how? " Depufuna enquires him in interview. " Forbes " data of a list of names posted up of real time plute shows, ma Sike's current net assets is 270.1 billion dollar, the Jeff · Bei Zunsi that precedes the platoon is in the 2nd (Jeff Bezos) about 80 billion dollar.

Ma Sike replies: "I feel general Beijing is richer than me really much. "I feel general Beijing is richer than me really much..

Current, the about Masike search on Google search exceeds 200 million as a result. His vermicelli made from bean starch on Twitter is adjacent 80 million, it is one of the most welcome people on the world. So, is this a kind of joy or burden to Masike?

Ma Sike expresses, (This kind famous degree) make him very difficult buy coffee to the corner again, go very difficult everywhere, just perhaps go at least shop or it is very difficult to go on the street. Accomplish this very hard now.

Do charity to pay attention to a result more

Although Masike now is world head rich, but he expresses, it is very difficult still that come down does thing of be apt to. "Respecting contribution, I want to say to accomplish effectively contribution very hard. " he says.

Should be asked about when the target of his foundation, ma Sike says he cares the result of charities more, is not exterior effect. He expresses, this makes him more difficult " effectively " come down.

"If of your care is the actual result that does a good work, is not a feeling, so come down of very hard effective land, " he says, "I care is actual result. Blamed feeling. Blamed feeling..

The biggest fear

Should be asked about when his the biggest fear, ma Sike expresses, the mankind is faced with live what is menace? He spent a lot of time to discuss birthrate issue. This may be the biggest menace that human civilization was faced with. In addition, people still fears artificial intelligence can give an issue. He thinks religious ultraism is another problem.

The greatest desire

Ma Sike expresses, his greatest desire is the city that the mankind can build an autarky on spark.

He ever expressed, if he is not in love in, he won't happy. So, is he happy now? Ma Sike says, he feels love is gradational. But OK and affirmative is, a person wants complete joy, must go up in the job and love happy. So, he thinks he is in medium and happy level to go up.

Ma Sike says, if the mankind builds the city of an autarky on spark, he will be very glad, because of in that way word, human life may far longer. "I think we ignited the small candle of this consciousness really, resemble empty aerial a little light. We do not hope this small candle in darkness is extinguished. " he expresses.