Research: Different new coronal virus is aberrant may cause symptom of different COVID of long course of diseases

According to estimation, the survival that the SARS-CoV-2 that exceeds an in part affects can appear COVID-19 (PASC) acute sequela, commonner is Long COVID. This kind of circumstance can affect anybody- - no matter be old person or youth, no matter be healthy person or the person that have potential disease. It has appeared on the person with the person of because of COVID-19 be in hospital and slight symptom. Although have more and more document data, but not much still to the understanding of Long COVID.

In this research, researcher is right came in June 2020 during June 2021 428 patients that in Karuiji outpatient service of the COVID after university hospital serves punish cure- - 254 (59% ) the male mixes 174 (41% ) the female was done review a gender to observe research, the primitive form of SARS-CoV-2 and alpha are aberrant at that time connecting in crowd midstream. Be in hospital of COVID-19 of patient Ceng Yin, left hospital to 4-12 Zhou Houcai attends clinical visit to outpatient department and fill in one about lasting semiotic questionnaire (average (median) to leave hospital hind 53 days) . In addition, obtained the data of medical history, microbiology and clinical COVID-19 course of diseases and patient demography respect from inside electronic anamnesis.

At least the 325/428 of 3/4 (76% ) the patient reported a persistent symptom. The commonnest report symptom is be discouraged (157/428; 37% ) with chronic fatigue (156/428; 36% ) , it is Morpheus problem next (68/428; 16% ) , visual problem (55/428; 13% ) with cerebral mist (54/428; 13% ) .

The analysis makes clear, the possibility that needs to take the person of the more serious form of immune depressor to report Long COVID symptom is sixfold, and the person experience that those accept high flow oxygen to support lasts the possibility of the problem is 40% . Compare with male photograph, the possibility that the female reports Long COVID symptom is almost double. However, 2 model the risk of symptom of diabetic occurrence Long COVID appears lower. Researcher people point out, need studies with understanding this better one accident discovers further.

Researcher spread out more detailed assessment, they will come in March 2020 in December (when primitive SARS-COV-2 takes dominant place) the symptom that the patient of infection reports follows to came in January 2021 in April (Alpha is when dominant is aberrant) the symptom that the patient of infection reports undertakes comparative, discovery is neurological as a result with acknowledge / the mode of mood problem produced materiality change.

They discover, when alpha aberrant it is advantage bacterium individual plant when, mist of muscle ache, insomnia, head and angst / depressed occurence rate increases apparently, and smell is lost, deglutition difficulty and audition damage are not quite common.

Dr. Spinicci expresses; "A lot of symptoms of the report in this research had been measured, but this is first time follows them different COVID-19 aberrant connection to rise. Long-term duration and extensive symptom remind us, this problem won't disappear, we need to do more jobs to support for a long time and protect these patients. What prospective research should pay close attention to attention is aberrant with vaccinal have an inoculation condition is opposite continuously potential effect of the symptom. What prospective research should pay close attention to attention is aberrant with vaccinal have an inoculation condition is opposite continuously potential effect of the symptom..

Researcher people admit, this research is observation sex is indemonstrable causal, and they cannot affirm which kinds of virus is aberrant infection is caused in different patient- - this may restrict the conclusion that can reach.