New research confirmed Tonga volcano erupts caused large-scale whole world disturbs

After these atmosphere wave are erupting at least active 4 days circle the earth 3 rounds. Ionosphere disturbs 6 times to in the sky pass the United States, it is at first by on the west eastwards, later is retrorse.

This volcanic incident is unusually powerful, the energy that its release is equivalent to 1945 the dimensions of 1000 atom bomb of deploy. Scientists had known, volatile volcano erupts and the earthquake can be caused a series of atmosphere force wave, include sound wave among them, they can disturb epicentral upper part the high-level air of hundreds of kilometers. Should be in marine in the sky when, they can cause what wave of seismic sea wave causes high-level aerosphere thereby to disturb. The result that this Tonga volcano erupts lets this international group surprised, especially its geography limits and duration of many days. These discovery demonstrated the new way of atmosphere wave and global ionosphere connection finally.

This new research published in appraise sth through discussion of person of the same trade on March 23, 2022 local time " Frontiers In Astronomy And Space Sciences " go up.

Researcher thinks these disturb is the influence of orchid Mu wave; These wave that name with mathematician Horace Lamb travel with velocity of sound inside global limits, amplitude won't have too big decrease. Although these wave basically are located in near earthly surface, but they can exchange energy through sophisticated approach and ionosphere. Indicate in new paper of no less than in that way, before the orchid Mu wave of be current ever be in the news is noise made in coughing or vomiting pulled noise made in coughing or vomiting to hold volcano in the palm to erupt to react with the air of other and geological calamity pair 1883. And this research was them to provide the first much evidence in the long-term impress in global ionosphere now.

Below the support that meets in American national science foundation, haystack is collecting data of observation of global GNSS network all the time since 2000 with researching information of important total electron content everyday. This observation station shares these data to study in order to come true to the innovation of all sorts of forward position domains with international geospace bound. The dimensional weather of a kind of special form- - cause by ionosphere wave, call ionosphere of going from place to place to disturb (TID)- - by the abrupt energy that includes to come from the sun normally weather of input, ground is mixed the process of factitious interference is aroused. For example, it is OK that Haystack scientist used TID observation to offer solar eclipse of the first proof arched wave evidence is caused in earthly aerosphere.

The Shunrong Zhang of the first author of the paper expresses: "Foregone only serious sun storm just can produce TID to travel several hours in aerospace, count a day even; Volcano erupts and the earthquake generates ionosphere interference inside thousands of kilometer only normally. The dimensional ionosphere that causes through exploring these to erupt gravely is disturbed, the whole world that we discovered to the generation of orchid Mu wave reachs his a few days not only travels, and still discovered a basic new physics course. Finally, the earth's surface and signal of low layer atmospheric can produce tremendous sensation, it is even in aerospace. It is even in aerospace..

Besides these results, the scientists of Haystack continue to erupt to Tonga the influence of serious space weather of generation developed additional research.