Brand of car of a person of extraordinary powers of department of the first day flees China is entered China 15 years of sales volume as before gloomy

Before long, eulogize also isDay fastens luxurious carthe emperor arrogant child. 20 centuries 80 time, this cropland car rolled out eulogize for market of luxurious car of United States of race to control, resounding temporarily. This is the first day fastens luxurious car brand, antedate in the future Leikesasi and Yingfeinidi. 2006, eulogize is entered formally China, price 300 thousand yuan of level, cry for a time give year of cause that sells 100 thousand. Go 15 years nowadays, 2021 annual sales volume has celebrate in song only 6000, can says gloomy.

Eulogize is far the form that go, your person sobs. Chinese auto industry rises abruptly, come when billow of car of homebred new energy resources, in the dust that still can brand of more foreign country is ground to take the history.

The first day fastens car of a person of extraordinary powers

Enter China 15 years, sales volume as before gloomy

Eulogize ever also had had brilliant years.

MentionDay fastens car of a person of extraordinary powers " 3 tycoons ", people may think of above allLeikesasi, YingfeinidiAndEulogize. Among them, eulogize is the high-end car brand that this cropland car founds at was in the beauty 1986, be it was initiated " day is luxurious car " this entirely reads aloud.

Be worth economy to anabiosis in those days, north America market is luxurious car demand increase sharply. This cropland is rapid nose business chance, regard car of development a person of extraordinary powers as the sharp of the market with eulogize. At first, eulogize is in this cropland on foundation of large car Legend " change bid " and unripe -- it is Logo prototype with a caliper, the inter adds small horizontal thick line, whole uses pictographic letter " A " indicate for the brand. Its English name Acura results from the Accuracy in Latin, meaning for " accurate " .

1986, eulogize rolled out Legend and Integra in the beauty two models, prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red, sales volume had exceeded an any European luxurious cars second year. And 1990, the car that the complete aluminium of global head stage that eulogize rolls out makes " NSX " , the Europe such as the benefit of straight face farad, nimble when protecting exceeds run, be known as " history on best racing bike " .

Of car of abroad a person of extraordinary powers plangent the ear that also passed into a Chinese, compatriots rises sharply since 2000 to the heat of luxurious car. Eulogize strikes while iron is hot, those who rely on this cropland group is solid endorse strong enter all corners of the country of car of Chinese a person of extraordinary powers.

2006, eulogize announces in carrying, large car RL is mixed China of make one's bow. When those, eulogize already was amounted to in American market sales volume 200 thousand, welcome degree runs quickly more than even. The eulogize with dye-in-the-wood confidence tries to duplicate in China mythological.

However, eulogize in Hua Ta the road of barren appears hard all the more. Netizens of no less than think generally: Japanese enterprise often sells top-ranking product toward Euramerican, two abortion are tasted leave oneself, 3 abortion taste a dumping to go to China. This one impression, make the circumstances of eulogize very awkward.

Plus at that time, run quickly, BMW, Ao Di already was finished homebred change transition, the brand of car of a person of extraordinary powers of a gleam of that is a delegate with them is dominating market of Chinese luxurious car, the strong impression of BBA also already peep, eulogize wants to divide it may be said of cup a thick soup is " tiger's mouth-jaws of death is seized feed " .

Data is gloomy. According to the sale status that this cropland China announces, eulogize was in 2011 China sell 4014, shrink reached many 2300 2012, 2013 although break up compared to the same period time, sell 4600, but still far not as good as of brand of car of a person of extraordinary powers of a gleam of tens of 1/0. Enter China old later, eulogize is in the throughout the country is only agency of about 40 accredit, and among them nearly 10 because manage lack of power the requirement removes a net.

Eulogize ever also had wanted to save oneself. 2016, hand wide steam is in this cropland couplet China model of eulogize of put into production, the way that the mainland of open eulogize brand changes.

Subsequently, eulogize rolls out model of edition of CDX of first homebred model, 4 drive one after another CDX AWD and brand-new Acura NSX of generation racing bike. Among them, CDX is located in surely compact model SUV, directive price is in 25-30 10 thousand yuan between, just appeared on the market once successive sales volume of 3 months implementation grows, into popular for brunt money.

Here has a group of data: October 2016, sales volume of eulogize accumulative total (wholesale) amount to 1381, terminal sale amounts to 1378, grow 143% compared to the same period. Among them, the sales volume of CDX (wholesale) 1236, terminal sells 1058, supported the most state power of eulogize.

After this, mainland of this Tian Duiou song changes wide steam express great expectations, plan the sales volume of eulogize brand will take wide steam 2020 10% of this cropland whole sales volume, namely year annul achieve 100 thousand.

Ideal is very plump, but reality very bone feels -- data shows, 2017, eulogize sells 16348, grow 80.4% compared to the same period; However 2018, eulogize sells 10044, drop compared to the same period 38.56% ; Eulogize sales volume was 14786 2019, grow 47.21% compared to the same period;

Arrived 2020, eulogize sales volume is 11210 only, drop compared to the same period 24.19% . This number is apart from the target of 100 thousand to still differ apparently very far. Gloomier 2021, in the second line such as brand of BBA of a gleam of and Leikesasi the extruding of luxurious car falls, the sales volume of eulogize alreadyDrop reach many 6000.

Not long ago, coverage of much home media says, eulogize is about to exit Chinese market, relevant agency or already stopped to sell this model, had entered quiet stock phase. End at present, this cropland China respect has not give out to be responded to clearly, dan Ou song is in China be between the beetle and the block already was the fact that does not dispute.

Message, deeply regret of a netizen leaves a message: "Be a kind of regret, TLX-L likes very much when be being written down so that he bought a car 2018, how price exceeded a budget, but bought stride vacate. " pass 15 years into Hua Gang, eulogize stayed to heave a sigh in succession.

Flee Chinese market

Eulogize, after all err what

Depend on the outward appearance that has concussion feeling and dynamical configuration, eulogize ever encircled pink in home for a time. Take this pace field nowadays, eulogize after all err what?

Comb the movement since eulogize enters Chinese market, we discover not hard, "The model is little " " the price is high "It is eulogize all the time the label that does not drop is picked on the body.

In American market, eulogize has 6 models at least making work, ceaselessly high-powered model appears on the market newlier, but since from August 2021 eulogize stops carry out much money to import a car in home, only at present two homebred models are in CDX and RDX carry out, price interval is 22.98-34.98 respectively 10 thousand yuan, 32.8-46 10 thousand yuan.

This is in BBA does not have an advantage in numerous luxurious brand. Chinese consumer often can is the same as more X1 of the Ao Di Q3 that waits for price, BMW, run quickly GLA is attracted.

More important is, Eulogize is entered China the conduct propaganda after and brand image are not lukewarm also not fire. Publicize intelligence of user of race to control with concentrated advertisement unlike BBA, the ad that eulogize knows in domestic humanness place is only, that asked Liu Dehua, Gui Guan 2014 namely magnesian Dai Yan, exhibit besides ginseng extra buses or trains daily, do not have overmuch conduct propaganda.

Market of this Chinese luxurious car in exquisite face, ostentation and extravagance, can says deadly.

Such " little known " the brand sells luxurious car, not only too high to be popular, still can spend a problem to suffer because of differentiating abandon -- the Logo of eulogize and Chang'an of card of home made product is very similar, often somebody general both is promiscuous. Ever had a car advocate but express: Had been said by the family, this is Chang'an goes out newly to match high.

Of course, still have a the most crucial reason -- to electric car in fuel car the big setting of rapid transition falls, luxurious car scene no longer.

Data shows, output of car of our country new energy resources was as high as 3.545 million 2021, sale exceeds 3.521 million, all grow 1.6 compared to the same period times, speed is breathtaking. Below this one setting, brand of car of each big a person of extraordinary powers is devoted into in succession dynamoelectric turn spring tide, not only Model S of IX3 of E-tron Quattro of EQC 400 of Sai Desi having a plum, Ao Di, BMW, tesla ignite the market. And watch eulogize instead, although already announced to enter electric motor-car development in the round in North America market, predict to will roll out first electric car 2024, but keep silence from beginning to end however in Chinese market.

And eulogize, the likelihood is only " escape greatly kill " begin. The celebrity of times of other fuel car, in electric car times, want to face as similar as eulogize destiny even.

Car of homebred new energy resources rises abruptly

The next is washed out, who can you be?

Scan widely these a few years, all corners of the country of Chinese luxurious car produced the change of world-shaking.

2009, produce and sale of Chinese homebred car surmounts the United States first, make world car produce and sale the biggest country. However, market of car of a person of extraordinary powers is compatriots however an anxiety -- popular almost brand of foreign country of all of one suit, see the sign that is less than a card of home made product. So awkward one act, prickled the heart of Chinese car person deeply.

But the rise of luxurious brand is not any accomplish in one move, then another road appeared. 2010, car maniac Li Shufu stepped the first pace, 1.8 billion dollar is taken ever the Wo Erwo brand with BBA stand up to sb as an equal.

Subsequently, opportunity of the most significant tortuous path overtake came -- car of homebred new energy resources erupts greatly. 2014, gave a patristic Li Bin to begin life the 4th times to do poineering work, foundedColourful comes car.

Actually, before building a car formally, li Bin ponders over a problem: The car of what price should build after all? Review author of global Motor Corporation, home the author of 3 big hill returns auspicious, Great Wall, Biyadi at that time is in the prime of one's life, and foreign BMW, run quickly, Ao Di author criterion already very senile. Below integrated consideration, li Bin thinks to enter market of mainstream high end, it is one has the choice that compares a dominant position.

Hold water oneself case, colourful comes the fixed position of the car is brand of car of high-end a person of extraordinary powers, the head a group of people of same interest of luxurious to car of mark tradition fuel brand. Current, colourful will have ES8, ES6, EC6 ET7 of car of pure report of ET5 of SUV of 3 pure report, pure electric car and admiral, price interval is in since 358 thousand - 448 thousand. Among them, the fixed position of ET7 is medium large pure report car, price achieved 448 thousand yuan since, the top matchs was to break through 500 thousand yuan more.

Not come singly but in pairs, 2015, li Xiang begins to resign the post that is in the home of the car, open do poineering work the 3rd times of life. This, lixiang chose to do poineering work medium " Tartarean mode " -- build a car, established car and home, instead is ideal later car car. The ideal ONE fixed position that ideal rolls out is luxurious in large SUV, price is 338 thousand yuan only, this one price is in together with eulogize on one price line, but expression is great difference however.

This year January, the meeting that multiply couplet was announced annual took the firm that use a car 2021 rank of wholesale sales volume. In the luxurious SUV market 2021, of before sitting firmly all the year round 3 run quickly X3 of Q5L of GLC, Ao Di, BMW, sufferred unprecedented concussion. Of field of new energy resources explode greatly paragraph -- tesla Model Y, held the position of head of a list of names posted up.

In addition, china builds car new power to behave not common --Ideal ONEAnnual sales volume achieves 90491, soar compared to the same period 177.4% , rank the 5th. Notable is, in December 2021, ideal ONE ranks with 14087 achievement 2, grow 130.0% compared to the same period, surmounted momently run quickly, the brand of car of traditional a person of extraordinary powers such as Ao Di, BMW; And colourful comes ES6 platoon is in a list of names posted up is odd the 10th, annual sales volume achieves 41474, grow 48.4% compared to the same period.

Battalion of ideal 2021 annual receives 27.01 billion yuan, grow 185.6% compared to the same period, achieve the history new tall, up to now, ideal ONE is successive already 3 months consign exceeds 10 thousand, the new record of delivery of model of Chinese luxurious brand that achieves 300 thousand yuan of above.

Rise abruptly as car of new energy resources, brand of increasing homebred new energy resources begins to push the market share of foreign brand. These a few years, day produces Ni Di of Ying Fei of brand of subordinate and luxurious car to keep on retreating, american current standard issues luxurious car brand Kaidilake the price falls again and again.

If say to be in fuel car times, start the heavy enclosing wall that late homebred brand breaks brand of traditional and luxurious car to build hard. So in electrification times, homebred and own brand bent the opportunity of overtake to come.

Paying close attention to the investor speak bluntly of automobile industry all the year round like: "From the point of end, chinese car market may have 70% above can be own brand. More crucial is, chinese car look forward to builds car new power especially, leading world intelligence the innovation of electric car. We believe, chinese enterprise will define the configuration of the car and way, also can adapt afresh global car market. Also can adapt afresh global car market..

And the desolate of eulogize just may begin. Do not know the next to leave the abroad car brand of field, who can you be?