New research tries to solve a black hole " Mao Maoqiu or bug hole " controversy

"What we discover from inside bowstring theory is, all quality of the black hole were not sucked center, " the first author, Ohio establishs the paper of this research university physics teachs Samir Mathur say, "The black hole tries to squash the thing to on the dot, but subsequently particle is gone to by drawing on these bowstring, and these bowstring begin drawing and expand, it became this Mao Maoqiu to expand cram is whole black hole. It became this Mao Maoqiu to expand cram is whole black hole..

This is published in " Turkish Journal Of Physics " the research discovery that go up, bowstring theory mastered the result that Huo Jinbei discusses for certain almost, author of paper of no less than thinks at first in that way. Physicist people proved theorem in order to reveal Mao Maoqiu theory (the most possible solution that Fuzzball Theory) still is paradox of Huo Jinxin breath. Researcher returns the long-standing bewilderment in publishing an article how to solve the universe in order to show this work to learn. This article already was published in " International Journal Of Modern Physics " on.

Mathur ever published a research 2004, this research points out the black hole is similar to very very big, confused Mao Maoqiu at that time, it still can be gone to by engulf as new celestial body and become bigger, more confused.

"The black hole is larger, entered energy is more, mao Maoqiu is bigger also. The research 2004 discovers, bowstring theory- - the physics that thinks all particle in the universe are by little vibration bowstring is formed namely is academic- - the likelihood is the method that solves Huo Jinbei to talk. Had structure of ball of wool of this kind of wool, the black hole can resemble any normal bodies same radiate and round without any mysteries, " Mathur say.

After the research 2004 and other and similar work, mathur expresses: "A lot of people think this problem had been solved. But in fact, the information paradox that the itself of one part person of bowstring theory bound thinks they want to be Hocking seeks a different solution. They feel of the worry is, from the point of physical angle, the whole structure of the black hole had produced change. The whole structure of the black hole had produced change..

In recent years the old plan photograph that research tries to follow Hocking's conclusion the black hole is harmonic, people can regard the black hole is " empty space, its are all quality is in a center " . A kind of theory, namely bug hole Fan Shi, think the black hole may be the one aspect of the matter of the bridge in spatio-temporal and successive body, this means any things that enter a black hole to appear possibly in the other one aspect of the matter of bridge- - the another end of bug hole, appear in the different place of space and time.

To make nevertheless bug hole prospect produces effect, radiation of a few low energy must escape from black hole brim come out.

This newest research proved a theorem, namely if this kind of circumstance happens, the black hole will not appear their radiation means.

Additional, researcher still checked the physical character that comes from a black hole- - the develop in including quanta gravitational force among them attacks change- - decide whether bug hole Fan Shi is feasible then.

"In every version that offers for bug hole method, we discover physics is abhorrent. Bug hole Fan Shi tries to prove, going up somehow, you still can think the black hole is empty actually, all quality are in a center. And the theorem that we prove makes clear, such black hole prospect is impossible, " Mathur say.