On the west the chemical material in orchid is proved can the development speed of slow down new coronal and common cold virus

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COVID-19 killed 600 much people inside limits of already alive bound, and research still makes clear, be in the United States only, common cold causes the pecuniary loss of 25 billion dollar every year.

On March 18, 2022 " natural " magazine " Communications Biology " go up in a research of the description, scientists point out, radish element- - a kind of chemical material that collects from inside the plant- - material of the phytochemistry that be called, already was had to fight cancerous action by discovery, its can restrain SARS-CoV-2 and virus of shape of coronal of another kind of mankind to be in cell and small rat duplicate mediumly.

Although the result has perspective, but researcher reminds the public to not be eager to buying a net to go up with the radish element replenishers in the shop, they point out, be necessary to undertake to radish element human body studies and emphasize lacking the code that covers this kind of replenishers before proving this kind of chemical is effective.

Of radish element natural before body is in orchid, cabbage, wild cabbage is mixed on the west in bulbil wild cabbage particularly rich. A few years ago, the group of a scientist that restricts university of writing suddenly Pu Jinsi is his a kind certainly first " chemical precaution " compound, if the seed of orchid, bud is mixed on the west,crude radish element comes from common food origin mature plant and the inject liquid that are used at drinkable bud or seed. Before research, include John - the research of college of medicine of suddenly Pu Jinsi, had shown radish element has the character that prevents cancer and infection through violating the pattern of certain cell process.

"When COVID-19 craze in the begining, our much discipline studies the group changed the investigation to other virus and bacterium, begin dedicated the potential treatment that has the new virus that challenges a gender to us at that time at be opposite, " the say of microbiology home Dr. Lori Jones-Brando of children center, "I am choosing the active of virus of the shape that fight a coronal of a variety of compound to decide to try radish element, because it is right,the other microbial preparation of our research shows measurable active. " the paediatrics assistant professor that Jones-Brando is college of medicine of university of Jin Si of Huo Pu agreement writing, also be the first author of this paper. Researcher was used in the experiment synthesize radish element rarefiedly from what buy over there commercial chemical supplier.

In an experiment, before studying the group is using SARS-CoV-2 and HCoV-OC43 of virus of shape of common cold coronal to infect a cell, expose the cell above all arrive two hours in radish element. They discover, humble rub Er (element of radish of μ M) pH indicator (2.4-31 μ M) makes SARS-CoV-2 of 6 individual plant (include Deerda and Aomike army is varietal) those who reach virus of HCoV-OC43 coronal shape is duplicate decreased 50% . Researcher still observes the cell that has infected virus before also has similar result, even if the protective effect that the virus infection that has built also can see radish element.

Additional, this group still studied radish element follows the result that Remdesivir photograph combines, remdesivir is content of bane of a kind of disease-resistant, with the time of rehabilitation of adult of be in hospital that catchs COVID-19 at shortening. Study the result shows, remdesivir parts when 22 μ M and 4 μ M restrained HCoV-OC43 and SARS-CoV-2 of 50% duplicate. In addition, study panel report says, radish element and Remdesivir issue generation synergism in scale of a few kinds of combination then the virus burden of the cell of imbue HCoV-OC43 or SARS-CoV-2 decreases 50% . Below this kind of circumstance, when synergism means the radish element of inferior dosage and RRmdesivir to be used when union, compare separate application is opposite one kind among them virus is more effective.

The first author that researchs a thesis, Yaohanhuopujinsi paediatrics assistant professor Dr. Alvaro Ordonez gives university college of medicine oneself: "Look from the history, we had understood, the ideal that in treating plan union uses a variety of compound is remedial virus infection is politic. Radish element and Remdesivir union rising is better than using the effect alone, fact of this be related is very encouraging. Fact of this be related is very encouraging..

Subsequently, the small mouse model that researcher affects to SARS-CoV-2 undertook study. They discover, before letting small rat contract virus, the weight loss that the radish element that every kilograms of weight offers 30 milligram can reduce to be concerned with virus infection normally apparently (decrease 7.5% ) . In addition, pretreatment makes lung (decrease 17% ) with the upper respiratory tract (decrease 9% ) medium virus is measured or virus quantity and lung damage are measured (decrease 29% ) the infection small rat that follows to did not offer radish element compares what have statistical sense to drop. This compound still reduced the inflammation of lung to protect a cell not to suffer the effect that excessive and active immunity reacts, this is one of drive elements that bring about a lot of people to die at COVID-19 it seems that.

"What we discover is, radish element has disease-resistant poisonous effect to HCoV-OC43 and virus of SARS-CoV-2 coronal shape, still conduce to control immunity reaction at the same time, " Ordonez say, "This kind muti_function the activity makes it makes a kind of interesting compound in order to be used at coping with these virus infection and the infection that cause by virus of shape of other mankind coronal.

This group plans to undertake study to the mankind, will evaluate radish to whether element prevents effectively or treat these infection with this.

"Although introduced vaccine and other possibility to have the remedy of side-effect, but significant disease-resistant bane thing is mixed to precaution remedial COVID-19 still is necessary, the potential effect of the mutation of virus of new coronal shape that in considering a multitude especially, appears, " Jones-Brando say, "Sulphur amine medicaments may be a kind of treatment method that has perspective, its price is inferior, safe and be in easily trade obtain. Its price is inferior, safe and be in easily trade obtain..