Blizzard response says " keep watch pioneer 2 " sign system won't let black shadow cross - of strong Blizzard blizzard

" keep watch pioneer 2 " sign system is similar to " Apex hero " . The player thinks this system can cause a few adverse effects, black shadow can become inapproachable. Union of her concealed body ability labels the system can produce huge advantage, this is very inequitable.

Blizzard developer expresses in a statement, they also agree with black shadow is most the part that gets sign system effect, and " sign system is very much delicate design considers her just about and exist " . In game, the player can set a number only, that is to say black shadow player tracks an enemy well and truly only. Statement complements: "Black shadow can have tracked the enemy effectively now and inform teammate, because we label on the ground,this is of outline means. Because we label on the ground,this is of outline means..

Developer makes sure they had prepared to undertake for game necessary adjust, make sure partial part uses sign system to won't appear too powerful case. Statement middle finger goes out, be based on the feedback of Alpha phase, they had undertaken to black shadow a few alter, and right still " black shadow + the issue with mark strong record a demerit has a few idea " . " keep watch pioneer 2 " PVP Beta will be started on April 26, at the appointed time the player can try sign system is opposite personally the influence of these parts.