Exposure of patent of VR interactive controller: Bit of stuff can be drunk in game

In the market competition environment of PSVR and Oculus Quest, ecbolic gave a few patent that track and so on like eyeball, equip in order to optimize VR of second for generations. Also have way of company additional monarch, how should the player that begins to consider those VR play a half not to want to leave fictitious world to want to drink two again however solve this one problem.

There is a patent technology recently, content is a kind of VR system that makes a player OK drink water when playing game. This patent is registered in specific game kind at present, for instance " card card / desk swim " and " game fittings " , but do not have to it associated game work.

The name is Bogie Inc. the company registered this patent, an interactive handle can see in specific design content, a bracket is added to be able to put bottle on the side. Such is in in the VR game with a few compact rhythm, the player need not be between VR and real world switch goes looking for water to drink.

Work beautifully, a patent should want to solve use the toilet a problem.