Ren Tiantang asks to promote a strategy book that before the user deletes 25 years, publishs especially

Because,vitta user GilvaSunner states he uploads these video is besides go actually playing besides game without any ways that listen to these music, and also did not seek profits through these video, hope this action encourages Ren Tiantang to upload classical music to shed media to serve platform to go up only.

Recently, ren Tiantang is pushed to again special the user sends next wearing to inform, a when ask this user scans him 25 years ago " super Maliao 64 " strategy book is deleted. Before this user scanning uploads, the way that wants to see this strategy goes only a few websites clean out hypostatic edition.

" super Maliao 64 " with strategy book had been a long time ago work, the way that holds the post of heaven force to protect its not to circulate on the network is a little bizarre. Nevertheless... good, it is Ren Tiantang after all, this also it doesn't matter is OK and strange.