Call commander! " halo " teleplay appears " quality effect " painted eggshell

This one act is very brief, very easy by oversight, but it is to be in apparently blow hard to Bioware " quality effect " series greeting. Besides the name of commander of Xue handkerchief heart, "Sijilian answers a center " corresponding is " quality effect " first in story of setting of commander of heart of Dai Xue handkerchief " Sijilian blitz " .

Should say " halo " why should come " quality effect " the word of painted eggshell, besides both besides the game of aerospace science fiction that is teleplay to be about to adapt together, they still had had or long or short Xbox platform molopolizes experience, calculate going up is one is nodded jointly.

Nowadays " halo " teleplay has begun televise, and " quality effect " teleplay is being undertaken adapting by Yamaxun. Do not know " quality effect " in teleplay can also someone cries sergeancy to grow.