Fluent scroll of Microsoft general Windows 11 introduce Gu Ge browser

A according to Microsoft new offer, google browser can have fluent roll very quickly possibly function. In a draft resolution, microsoft expresses, the old roll that they hope pair of Chrome browsers are medium undertake modernization is transformed, make Google browser and standard of Windows 11 design keep consistent.

This draft resolution aims to make the scroll of Chromium modern, in order to get used to the design language with fluent Windows 11. In addition, microsoft still is considering the scroll in pair of users and Chrome browser the change that interactive means has a few visions go up, use different pattern. Among them, extremely brief mode will be scroll acquiescent design. The scroll of complete mode be rolling when cursor an area when going up, all parts can be come out by scale.

Conceal mode. This is a new function, scroll will fade completely, the likelihood cannot find the exact place on the page. Google expresses concern to concealing mode, microsoft expresses, exploring what a better method will handle a vision to go up actively to improve. To understand these difference better, the new tumble in Microsoft Edge is below with the classical scroll in Chrome quite.

Microsoft still points out, the " of former unripe solution that can use Windows 11 opens scroll from beginning to end " bypasses " conceals mode " . Like MacOS, can from the setting - > auxiliary function - > the " in visual effect shows scroll from beginning to end " . New tumble install application to this locality. When enabling this function, scroll will with scale of " of " whole pattern. In this kind of operating system the setting falls, scroll will take up layout space.

The scroll that Microsoft offers will behave more resemble enclothing type to roll. They will be thinner, have inside set the margin with round horn. If Google developer rejects to cover type,roll, microsoft still plans to redesign blame enclothe type to roll, in order to make the Chrome browser on Windows 11 modern. Since January 2022, microsoft is the network browser that is based on Chromium to provide this one function in the consideration all the time.