Gu Ge rolls out a series of new functions to include faintness to install Zhuo Cao to make a system all sorts of object photograph setting

The setting of character photograph can blur before Google photograph. But update as this, pixel user and aux will be able to of Google One user are enough it is used on more objects. Figure faintness also can serve as a kind of later period to handle the effect to apply at having a picture.

After Pixel mobile phone is being applied to only before the grammar of Gboard clavier corrects a function to be in, also will get more extensive promotion. Google expresses, this function moves on equipment, joined existing spelling to check a function. Gboard also is being updated, increased 2000 expression symbol to mix build, two existing expressional symbol combines paster, can release in all sorts of message application processes and online service.

Live Transcribe is trouble-free application aims to offer word of fast, convenient speech lard one's speech with literary allusions to serve to hear barrier public figure, updating at present, so that be in,leave the job from line position. Google expresses, the dialog that this waits for the place that has problem of reliable network join to happening in the subway and plane should be very helpful. All Android mobile phone can use Live Transcribe, install beforehand go up in Pixel and SamSung mobile phone.

Still have a lot of upgrade smally to also can appear. Google assistant is being obtained a few jockey function, let you pay, check you jockey condition, extend your time, use your voice only. It produces effect through the conformity with ParkMobile, in the United States 400 many cities can be used. In the meantime, the " nearby of Android shares " function to be being updated, can share a file with the person of an above at the same time, and Google TV is obtaining a " of new " window label, the film that aims to pay close attention to according to you and program, offer recreational news and review.

Finally, a when Google releases on Android system new screen time coolie is provided, aim to offer the view of a be clear at a glance, the applied process of time is cost in showing you to be in one day. Google has not offerred the exact issue date of these functions. But like be being updated to what its information applies with Google, can think these functions will be in it seems that future a few roll out inside week.