Edition of WordPress 5.9.2 government is released

Brand-new Twenty Twenty-Two theme

The first acquiesce that this is WordPress throughout history area piece theme. It is a new acquiescent theme not only, a kind also be use WordPress theme brand-new means.

Area piece theme offerred much visual sense to influence a choice for you, to font from match colors plan combination is in page pattern plate and picture are chosen, can undertake modificatory through site editor entirely. Because need to undertake modification in a place only, you can be offerred for Twenty Twenty-Two theme with have a brand oneself or the outward appearance with other same website and style, or you the exterior of the site turns to another direction.

Twenty Twenty-Two theme already can be offerred use, this theme can be installed along with all the others with WordPress 5.9, can find in the thematic page that already installed.

Compose proposes a site, originality is infinite

As the issuance of Twenty Twenty-Two theme, more support complete station is editorial area piece theme also is met go up in succession in wearing thematic catalog, await an user to undertake thorough exploration. The more that expects to be released in the future please area piece theme.

Use random after theme of an area piece, you need the surface no longer custom-built implement; Those who replace is site editor all function with modal medium, medium interface. Use these area piece resembles be in Twenty Twenty-Two same, you can be pressed need to propose proper exterior zephyr standard for site compose, use requires tool to complete the work in the interface of fluent, conveniently.

Navigation area piece

The core that this the user experiences, will area piece introduces site navigation column.

Area piece offers brand-new navigation a variety of option choose for you, the response that spreads out from beginning to end for example type menu or the menu that get used to user screen dimension. No matter found which kinds of menu, even if use brand-new after pattern plate or switch theme, can repeat in wants seat use.

More is improved and update

You like to write Bo Wen or produce content? New adjustment issuance flow can help you say more, more quickly.

More meticulous area block control

WordPress 5.9 has new composing tool, quick distribution control and the careful control that wait for detail to span, frame, conduce to you designing the outward appearance not only, can undertake adjustment to what needing detail even.

The force of area piece example

WordPress example catalog is all sorts of areas piece the home of example, these example can save time for you and increase the core function of the site, you can are opposite according to need these area piece example has an edition. The page the top margin of a page that if need to change for current topic,differs or page foot, need to be clicked a few times only can look brand-new.

Through having the area of full screen view piece example browses a program, you but focusing arrives fine detail, thereby can the area that relaxed comparison chooses to need from which piece example.

Through improvement list view

The list view in 5.9 version can let you put the way of area piece content through procrastinating, will the position that area piece moves to need to place. Manage complex file to become simpler, accuse simple and easily when letting you propose a site in compose, can undertake spreading out mixing to section fold, nod the HTML anchor that can help an user browse a page add to the area piece in.

Better used gallery area piece

Use in the picture the same way that the picture handles in area piece handles gallery every pieces of picture in area piece.

In gallery, the style of every pieces of picture differs with other picture (the clipping that differs for example or double tonal) , or make its identical, yi Ke changes position through pulling put way.

WordPress 5.9 developer notes a thing to introduce area piece theme

What compose builds a theme is brand-new means, it is to use area piece to define the area of pattern plate of whole site layout piece theme, and in HTML and Theme.json from the definition the style defined brand-new pattern plate and pattern plate component. Know a detail beforehand, consult area piece theme develops a specification please.

Area piece supports multiple style

Now, you can register the modal watch of an above for every area piece, one applicable this character is written by oneself in you the style is shared between area piece, perhaps be specific area piece to load style, and be in only when area piece is used, the style just is met by to load. Understand about be in individual area piece in the more information that uses multiple type.

Area piece? Layer class lock is decided

So far version begins, you but will area piece undertakes the random in area piece example the lock is decided, need to join Lock attribute in the setting of Block.json only, the other part freedom that allows example gets used to site content.

The gallery area that the course reframes piece

Pair of gallery that go out with the above-listed of area piece revising is a result that reframes approximately completely, in development and gallery before the plug-in unit related area piece function or theme, be sure to read gallery please area piece compatibility develops a specification.

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